Old paintings, nothing too recent.. except for the last one. Painting time diminished drastically after enrollment in 5 years of architecture school. BOO.

Texture study 2003

Black and White tone study 2004
Man vs. Nature, what-a typical theme.

Water Pattern Study 2005
Intricate study of moving and flowing water patterns.

Quick Portrait Studies 2005
Inspired by Lucian Freud strokes. And I needed to learn to stop taking my dam time with oil paint.

Sky Patterns Study 2006
Intricate study of the cosmic movements, light but powerful.

Forgot-what-this-is Patterns Study 2007
I just wanted to work with this palette of monochromatic blue hues and a pinch yellow ocre.

Rome- Vatican Dome 2009
I missed Rome. And I was testing to see if I still have any painting skills left after architecture school.