Collage City

We may all have a mundane daily routine when it comes to living in New York, but each step we take, each corner we turn, every street we cross, is a whole new environment.

We live in a collage, and this collage sucks you into all sorts of addicting-distracting, culturally-eclectic-interesting vortexes, and your mind just can’t find a way out. Perhaps it’s some sort of mental city syndrome where you can’t help to think what the story is behind every brick and marking and detail.

Trust me it’s a good thing, so embrace it. Next time you take a stroll in the one of greatest American cities, just  tilt your head upward, and gaze at the buildings that surround you, and you’ll appreciate that your mundane routines take place in the Collage City.

Collage City by Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter