Playing Cards

Happy New Year everyone!

Recently I was home in LA for the holidays. Each time I go back, I make an attempt to clean up my room, whether it’s just dusting up or clearing out childhood sentiments that I’m no longer attached to. My room’s fairly big, which means more space to store junk.

The portion I cleaned out most of this visit was my walk in closet… I normally throw in unused/unwanted gifts and leave clothes I grew out of, fashion-consciously speaking. While rummaging through all the old backpacks and other random items, I found this lovely project I completely forgot about. It was a deck of cards I made for a graphic design project. I believe the assignment was to product graphic design product of printed medium.. I chose to make a deck of cards. Thanks mom and dad for owning a printing shop. Flipping through all the hand written then scanned numbers and letters, I was most excited to see that I had included friends and classmates into the Jacks, Queens, and Kings of the decks. I kind wish the whole deck was 54 different people, but then again the time frame was short. Nonetheless I’m really glad I have about 6 decks left and so I decided to give it to my friends as a thanks for being part of my project. Requests were made and then began a project sequel..

I went to the container store hoping to find a simple container (hopefully cheap in $$$) to put the cards in and mail it to my friends who wanted a deck. Of course the plastic containers were out of budget but I did find some small linen gift bags within budget, keeping in mind that I have left over ink-cloth transfer paper at home. I’m glad the bags can look somewhat like a decent package for the cards. Mini night project FTW.

Blogs : Other

So I actually use to blog a lot, it mainly was a tool to distract myself, or to “subtly” brag to the world all the cool things I was up to, of course we all define cool differently =)
I am also creating a blog post out of this because.. i’m trying to get back into it.

This blog, I titled “All the Junk i Fancy” simply because it was a way for me to keep tract of all the new innovations and interesting ideas from all the creatives out there. It was a result of doing thesis research, and unintentionally, or not, I would come across blogs and ideas that tickled my fancy.

Iris in Rome: Self Explanatory. I spent a semester in Italy, with 40 of my Pratt Arch classmates/best friends. Here is just a glimpse of our Italian adventures.


Iris In France: Also Self Explanatory. I spent 5 weeks in France, participating in an Architecture + Music summer program. Showcased most French adventures, since I had a good amount of time to blog.



Oh What?! I found my Xanga from high school! Too bad I deleted everything when I went to college. I must of been embarrassed of my awkward high-school-art-kid phase.

Collage City

We may all have a mundane daily routine when it comes to living in New York, but each step we take, each corner we turn, every street we cross, is a whole new environment.

We live in a collage, and this collage sucks you into all sorts of addicting-distracting, culturally-eclectic-interesting vortexes, and your mind just can’t find a way out. Perhaps it’s some sort of mental city syndrome where you can’t help to think what the story is behind every brick and marking and detail.

Trust me it’s a good thing, so embrace it. Next time you take a stroll in the one of greatest American cities, just  tilt your head upward, and gaze at the buildings that surround you, and you’ll appreciate that your mundane routines take place in the Collage City.

Collage City by Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter

Drink and Draw!

Every Wednesday night @ the 3rd Ward in East Williamsburg.

These drawings are produced by my lover, an engineer and businessman, who has never had the figure drawing experience in his life ever, and Moi.

What do you do when you’re unemployed? .. you have a little adventure

Ironically when you’re unemployed, inserting yourself in some creative energy takes a lot less energy than finding a job and working up the ladder, simply because you’re a volunteer…

So here’s what I participated in:

Dumbo Arts Festival, celebrating artists studios, galleries, music, and the up and coming neighborhood neighborhood itself.

Acadia Conference: An Exhibition of Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture, celebrating technology within architectural design.