Breuer in the Bronx

I discovered the Bronx Community College a few years ago through the Open House New York website (They have an amazing list of buildings architecture enthusiasts must see btw). The campus as been on my list for a few years, as making the visit isn’t an easy trek. Most of my site visits are unplanned due to our busy schedule and are therefore squeezed into a pocket of available time- 2 hrs, lets make the most of it.

My husband and I pulled up to the security booth arriving to the campus by car. The guard asked the purpose of our visit since it was a weekend during the summer. I said we just wanted to walk around the Breuer buildings. He looked confused, thinking of what to say, and finally leaned towards our car and said “You’re correct request is to visit the Hall of Famous Great Americans”. Ok fine.. whatever he wants us to say, the only thing between me and the Breuer buildings is him. “Yes sir what you said”