Old paintings, nothing too recent.. except for the last one. Painting time diminished drastically after enrollment in 5 years of architecture school. BOO.

Texture study 2003

Black and White tone study 2004
Man vs. Nature, what-a typical theme.

Water Pattern Study 2005
Intricate study of moving and flowing water patterns.

Quick Portrait Studies 2005
Inspired by Lucian Freud strokes. And I needed to learn to stop taking my dam time with oil paint.

Sky Patterns Study 2006
Intricate study of the cosmic movements, light but powerful.

Forgot-what-this-is Patterns Study 2007
I just wanted to work with this palette of monochromatic blue hues and a pinch yellow ocre.

Rome- Vatican Dome 2009
I missed Rome. And I was testing to see if I still have any painting skills left after architecture school.


Collection of photos from my 5 years of living in Brooklyn.

Although the area  I lived in was gentrified (Clinton Hill couple blocks from Bed Stuy), I do miss the sounds of the hood and the pleasant site of baby strollers and dog walkers, not to mention the extreme convenience of groceries and coffee shops and subways right down down the block. It’s undisturbed by commerce, yet not so far away from the commerce capital (Manhatta Island)